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be disclosed to the public. in light of the shooting yesterday at los angeles international airport, the first 45 minutes this morning we want to get your thoughts on the overall topic of airport security. not only what was demonstrated yesterday, if there is a need of increase in security from the federal government or if there are other ways to make the airports safer. here is how you can comment -- you can send us a tweet at c- cspanwj,-- @, or you can send us an e-mail at here is the headline from "the los angeles times" this morning -- a 23-year-old native from new jersey who lives in los angeles. there is a larger story when it comes to the topic of airport security. this is from "the wall street journal" -- your thoughts on airport security and if you think changes need to be made in light of what happened yesterday at los angeles international airport. we divided the lines regionally. if you live in an eastern or central time zone -- again, tweets are available, post on our facebook page, and send us an e-mail. withresident was briefing the iraq h
of state to seek the white house. that is the story in "the lost angeles -- the los angeles times. in october she gave her strongest indication to date that she is considering another white house bid. that is the story in "the -- in "the los angeles times." we would go to debbie in washington. do you think this is something democrat should be concerned about in 2014? caller: i don't. i was on the individual market. 740 seven dollars per month for health insurance. i was upset because the me reallycompany gave crappy options. so i got on the website and i -- before i had $5,000 in deductibles. they would not pay for anything until i spent $5,000. -- $747 paying $747,000 per month. 70% of everything. it is $29 per month cheaper. it cutstax rebate and it down $200. paying $398 per does it say to you that democrats up for reelection in 2014 are reintroducing legislation to delay parts of the health-care law? picture of jeanne shaheen. why aren't people telling the story e there are lots of people like me, i'm sure, who are on the individual market. i did not think i was going
with us. we want to turn to paul richter at the los angeles times joining us to talk about iran's nuclear talks. thank you. it has been reported that nuclear talks with iran failed to reach an agreement. how did the fallout happen? there were rising expectations that the seven countries have met in geneva at the end of last week, it seemed like a deal was within reach. ians, the british said so. there was turbulence at the end on saturday, the french foreign minister laurent fabius gave a radio interview and said he had problems with the draft of an agreement being circulated. he said he wanted more limits on a heavy water reactor that the iranians are developing. ofwanted firmer disposition medium enriched uranium that iran has. by late saturday night, it looks powers, including the u.s., the europeans, china, and russia, had agreed generally on approach. but iran could not sign off on it. the iranian team said they needed to go back to rouhani -- to tehran and get clearance for a deal. some diplomats are saying that one obstacle was that iran wanted an exclusive commitment from the six
" meanwhile, "the los angeles times" commenting on jerry brown seeking an unprecedented fourth term. he has solid approval ratings and a small number of challenges who are virtually unknown. the governor deflecting a question a public event third i'm aware that in november of next year there will be an election and i will be sure i will make some decision regarding that. the long term governor of california who was first elected back in 1974 and went on to serve as the mayor of oakland california and serve in other capacities. he also ran for president. the deadline for filing his next march. fromis joining us fairview, tennessee. independent line. trust him can really and hillary, the blood thirsty bimbo of benghazi, foremost fraud of fast and furious, a man who went to war with libya without even consulting with congress. he is known in history as a great constitutional shredder. he could show good faith by going over to iran and groveling at their feet like he did at the king of saudi arabia. host: the associated press for some background stars and just what led to this agreement. announ
in the central valley and i like to go the los angeles to visit my family and in bakersfield we have to get out and ride a bus. it takes the fun out of it. i would love to take the trains over the mountains to union station. guest: it certainly would be nice to add a lot of routes, a lot of extensions to amtrak weird -- amtrak. but it all comes down to the availability of funds. host: another issue on the table. onthe worst happened september 11, 2009 -- 2001, as were used airplanes as missiles. how are rails a secure and what protection do we have against terrorism? guest: i am not able to speak specifically and i do not work for amtrak and i am not privy to what is going on. what one could certainly google security and amtrak. i know from talking with amtrak officials, they certainly take it very seriously. but security is really not my area. host: david from new brunswick, new jersey. good morning. caller: first of all, peace to the world. i must say that if the budget of the pentagon was scrutinized the way the amtrak budget is scrutinized, we would not have any problems with excess money.
government has now spent examining keystone xl. carl, goh ahead -- go ahead in los angeles democratic caller. caller: let me say first of all, i've been watching this c-span sense 1980. producing or just -- it is devastating the land. number two, it doesn't matter, this oil is going overseas period. every ounce of oil that recovered from the ground even in the united states is sold on the market of the world. we produce more oil than anything else. our number one export is gasoline. host: okay, mr. pourbaix. guest: carl was braking up there a little bit. once again, he was referring to the environmental issue of the oilsands and talking about this argument that the oil is for export. let me say right off the bat. nothing could be further from the truth. once again, i'm all about the facts. let's talk about the facts. right now the u.s. consumes about 15 million barrels of oil a day. they are one of the largest consumers of oil on the plan pet -- planet. they import everyday about 7 or 8 million barrels of oil. this pipeline is a pipeline from producing areas in canada and u.s. to refineri
in "national journal," that is a little bit from the "national journal" this morning. don in los angeles. what you think, should the risk is change her name? caller: i definitely think they should change their name. years ago, the stanford cardinals were known as the stanford indians, but they changed their name. not only do you think they should change the name, but so should the cleveland indians in the florida state seminoles, for that matter. i'm african american and i do have some indian heritage as well. times are changing. but of the skins think about becoming the washington senators. ? why not pick that up as a new nickname. the senate would be honored, i'm sure. over all the other reasons that of our to been mentioned --host: in chicago the chicago blackhawks. in atlanta you have the braves. have the cleveland indians with chief warrant lesser mascot. to those need to be changed to? caller: they definitely need to be looked at. i'm not much of a hockey fan so i overlooked the chicago blackhawks, but they should be looked at. probably the reasons that we are party discussed, i'm sure t
. called my senators and congressmen. they never answer me back. the los angeles times has a follow-up story that lays after a shooting at the airport last week. they are urging the arming of tsa agents. when theyriting that developed the tsa, the mission was clear. officers would not carry guns or make arrests. they would screen passengers for dangerous materials. officerting death of an is the first fatality in the agent history. it could change things. called for a class of armed tsa officers. the training and authority to arrest people -- the sad truth is that they are subject to daily verbal assaults and far too frequent physical attacks. mike from richmond virginia, republican line. caller: i want to talk a little bit about the virginia race for governor. i am a republican, so it is obvious that i intend to vote elli. i want to point a few things out. people who are upset with his religious views on abortion, i have seen a lot of things from my liberal friends on social media about how he is going to take away women's rights. is about the most laughable thing i can think of. i
the affordable care act. in "the los angeles times" -- that is courtesy of the museum. , this headline -- hi there is "the atlanta journal-constitution. -- "the washington post" this morning, their editorial weighs in on lost coverage in the affordable care act. it says -- the front page of the newspaper this morning, -- that is in "the washington post" this morning. , this is "theing ," courtesy ofs .ewsreader it says -- back to your phone calls, republicans only, who is leading the party for 2016? randy in wisconsin. good morning. caller: i will tell you what, you think maybe the united states would have been better off with hillary clinton in the present -- than the president administration -- hillary clinton than the present administration. take a look at hillary. four people got killed in benghazi and she says, "what difference does this make?" -- randthink she can paul is probably a very strong runner. they are sure pumping up chris christie, the news media is, because maybe she can beat chris christie. i have not paid much attention to him. the news media knocked her last time she ran
page of "the los angeles house it says that the vote was the latest display of democratic anxiety. >> of the calls that are lined up, ron from pittsburgh, pennsylvania up first on our democrats line. ron, good morning. caller: i really think that the democrats are voting this way, a lot of them are trying to do what is politically expedient at the moment. rather than have real integrity and vote the way they really believe. at least that is a case of some of them. with others, i think mary landrieu is more conservative than people believe. inpis of limited these cases and these moments of truth really help that. think that means going forward as the base continues going forward with the affordable care act? really been has blown out of proportion. obviously it is a mistake on the democrats part that they didn't have this website working really well. that is too bad. i think this really has been blown way out of proportion including republicans who never wanted this to see the light of day. i can see why they didn't. if you're to go on the site and look at the plants, their wonderf
their debate, look for coverage on c-span two this morning. lori, los angeles, hello. i have a question to ask the representative. strongly about social security, medicare, and medicaid. my husband has cancer and epilepsy. if you cut social security, medicare, medicaid, my husband would literally die. first, know that many discussions on that deal with future programs and what they would look like. we would not do anything to harm you or your husband right now. that. there about are some changes that can be made and need to be made to preserve it for the future. with the money in these funds scheduled to run out, depending on the program you are talking about, the three years for social security disability, 10 years for medicare part a, social security is more like 20 years, it is time and it is prudent to take steps to preserve them. we cannot just keep kicking the can down the road, but people need to rest assured whether you are a senior citizen or a person on disability or social security or medicare that the people here as we have these discussions are going to be very, very conscience of
to california starting on sunday. he stops in seattle, san francisco and los angeles. next. you're up marshal, texas. caller: isn't it typical of democrats when they can't get something done you have to change the rules. myually, i'm talking about dissatisfaction with the republicans. what they needg to be doing is put it in faster. as soon as he american people realize what this will do, that every premium in the country, they're going to hate this. you're absolutely going to hate this. i was watching c-span last night and they were having, i don't even know a committee it was. mary landrieu was the chair of it. they had a bunch of small talking people up there about how none of this would affect small business. if you have less than 50 employees this doesn't even affect you, so what are you complaining about? going to raise every premium, ok? yes, that is going to affect every business. host: jimmy, san antonio, texas. the rollout of the aca. i have worked with computers for cryptologyncluding and infrastructure, installation and engineering. the one big problem a lot of people have is the
: reading a couple of your tweets 00 -- now taking another one of your calls from los angeles, california. zoe lofgren line for independents. caller: good morning. -- joe on the line. business major and they stress supply and demand. politicians need to understand supply and demand. they want to increase supply by letting the millions of people come here, which hurts the working people, because it drives down the cost of what we can demand for our work. so they are going to flood our country. people have not felt it yet across the country, but that is what is going to happen. another caller said we have an invasion going on. we need to fix it. i do not know what is wrong with politicians. what would you like to see politicians doing they are not doing right now? when you say protect, what do you mean by that? caller: i know we have a problem, but we need to enforce the laws he have on the book. americanto protect workers. whether you are a high-tech worker i myself or like what mark zuckerberg is trying to do is flood in high-tech workers her mother country so he does not have to pay amer
around los angeles and the western part of the are moret is -- that agricultural. you can turn those into separate government. host: philip is in tucson on the republican line. caller: hi. my comment is that the gentleman speaking spoke about the fact that technology -- the force of technology -- is moving us forward. a job of a truck running the highways or mcdonald's or farming, i do not know if it requires more people than a few years ago. technology, every day, is eliminating jobs. the bottom line, how are we going to move it forward? people have to take a lot of responsibility for themselves. they cannot rely on the government to pick up the load for everything. very importanta point and i am glad you asked. that newrn is always technology eliminates jobs and what are people going to do? hadong as we have technology, which is back to the stone age, we have had new ways of doing things that reduced existing types of jobs. we have had extremely rapid technological progress and whole ways of life have gone away. people in america mostly worked on family farms and small scale busine
, that is the question we want to take on today. you can look online. there is a story in the los angeles times. we are talking to give you a sense of where we are going. we will talk about what the president said, especially when it comes the entertainment industry. there is the website. doug is from virginia, good morning. caller: how are you doing? span.lly enjoy c- is entertainment, that is what it is, it is fantasy for the most part. shows they show and discuss reality. i get a kick out of listening to you guys in the morning and andening to people call-in seeing just how far-fetched people really are. host: what you think about the idea that television or any other media delivers values? i don't think it is about values. it is about what catches your attention and what holds your attention. the police would never get by with shooting as many people as they should on television. or i would hope they don't. i live in a small town in the middle of nowhere. we don't have that problem here. host: john is next on the republican line from california. caller: thank you for c-span. i wanted to say to
against the deal being worked out so far. los angeles, democratic caller. what do you make of the aca numbers for caller: i think that we need to kind of just call him down -- to calm down and allow the law to actually start working. i in california have had no problem with signing up. i got my health-care coverage and was able to get everything taken care of with no problem. i think that if we can get our government to work together to help this law actually work instead of vilifying it so much and vilifying the people who created it in a way that forward aso go americans who all need health- care coverage, and get health line you will see down the that there will be great benefits. host: chuck in texas, republican caller. caller: good morning. ok, yes, ma'am. 47-year career agent here in texas. texas has laws to deal with insurance and the agents that sell it. i am telling you that if barack obama was an agent in texas, his license would be revoked. he would be severely fined and possibly get some jail time. why? because he has lied about the product that he is selli
journal," and nine "los before that for the angeles times." from key west, florida, on our line from independents. i was doing some research the other day and in a trillion dollar figure came out the other day, going into what was called the black budget of the pentagon. it was being used to fund the parallel government. dollarslost a trillion -- to have lost $8 trillion seems beyond comprehension. we use that figure today, a kind of struck me. would you care to comment on that? i will take your answer off the air. thank you, and have a nice day -- have a nice day. guest: it was not -- it was a 2012.sum from 1996 to we started with 1996 because that was the year that we were locked in. we just summed up the amount, spent every year for the whole department. was: it is not that it really lost, but we do know it was not audited, correct? guest: that is absolutely right. with thet has happened auditing practices at dod since her story came out? members of congress have taken up this cause, right? the government security -- the homeland security and government affairs committee, they are
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17